At Connors Decorative Concrete located in Orlando, we specialize in pool renovations and repairs, delivering top-notch, visually appealing finishes that enhance the appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. Since our establishment in 2018, we have been providing a depth of expertise in pool deck remodeling, tile renovation, and fence installation, achieving a reputation for exceptional service and craftsmanship. Our quality is built on a foundation of meticulous detail, innovative design, and a persistent pursuit of customer satisfaction.

Our team is as competent as they are passionate about their work. We believe in providing solutions tailored to your specific needs and aesthetics, and that reflects in our diverse, comprehensive range of services. Whether you're looking to give a tired old pool deck a modern makeover or simply need to repair a few broken tiles, Connors Decorative Concrete is always ready to exceed your expectations.

Visit our comprehensive website at connorsdecorative.com or get in touch with us directly at (321) 396-2770 to learn more about our services. Ready to give your outdoor space the upgrade it deserves? Reach out to us today, your pool renovation and repair experts in Orlando.
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