So, you want to know about EZ Window Solutions? Great! I'd love to tell you a little more about our company and myself. I'm a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in Operation Desert Storm. I love my country and was proud to serve. Honor and integrity are very much a part of my life which is how I run my business. Over the past several years of my time in and around the construction industry, I saw many companies take advantage of their customers, treating them poorly. This really bothered me so I set out to start my own company with the intention of doing business with the customer first, always. Now I'm the proud owner of EZ Window Solutions and over the past several years I've been able to help hundreds of home owners replace their windows and doors all without ever asking for any payment up front until after the customer was 100% satisfied. I hope you'll consider EZ Window Solutions for your next window and door purchase. You can contact me in several ways. Fill out the form on the right side of this page and I'll call you back as soon as possible. Or, you can send an email to dan@ezwindowsolutions.com.
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