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Do Schools Matter when Buying a Home?

Orlando Ave 4/9 1:09A tisner
When buying a home various factors come to mind immediately-location, price range, home style, home condition, wish list for the interior and exterior, number of bedrooms and bathrooms desired; just...

Smart Tax Refund Home Improvements

Orlando Ave 4/2 4:35A tisner
Credit Karma conducted a recent survey and discovered that 33% of those asked are expecting a refund of $1,001 or more this year, and 16% responded that they expect $2,501 or more. Now, we cannot get...

Tips for Making the Strongest Offer

Orlando Ave 3/29 4:53A tisner
Spring is here and people are on the move! Buyers and sellers are waking up from their winter blues ready for new. A new change of scenery, a new place, a new start. In today’s competitive market,...

Fun and Inviting Outdoor Spaces

Orlando Ave 3/26 1:03A tisner
This time of year folks begin to get outdoors to do more around their homes because it is nice and warm outside.   It’s also a good time to do a bit of work outside the house and make your outdoor...

Orlando State of the Market February 2024

Orlando Ave 3/19 8:02A tisner
New Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association data shows spike in listings kicking off the new year State of the Market Overall sales rose 26.5% from January to February. There were 2,174 sales in...

Spring Maintenance Check List for Your Home

Orlando Ave 3/19 3:00A tisner
Spring cleaning has likely already become underway in your household.  What you may not have given much thought however is spring maintenance for your home.   There are several things that folks...

How to Decorate Your Home to Have an Island Feel

Orlando Ave 3/12 3:00A tisner
Let’s face it, many times when folks visit the islands they tend to not want to come home from such places.  This is the case typically because the beach is a very relaxing place to be with all the...

Disguising the Everyday Stuff

Orlando Ave 1/23 2:00A tisner
Have you ever thumbed through a home magazine spread and wondered where the electrical outlets, electric cords, thermostat, or HVAC vents were?  Those every day necessities are in those homes, they’re...

Orlando State of the Market December 2023

Orlando Ave 1/17 3:25A tisner
Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association releases overall 2023 data, revealing that rising interest rates were the biggest factor affecting housing market in 2023, slowing sales and boosting inventory....

Indoor Activities for the Kids!

Orlando Ave 1/16 2:00A tisner
The recent cold snap across the country kept many schools and daycare centers closed for several days, and it was too cold for the kids to enjoy more than a little while outside in the elements.  Here...
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