Ueesleepy is a professional TPE pillow manufacturer, that has produced and exported TPE pressure-less pillows and mattresses since 2016. Today we have obtained 58 patents in different countries.

Ueesleepy offers a full range of TPE pressure-less pillows, including Kid Pillow, Teenager Pillow, Bread Pillow, Wave Pillow, Wing Pillow, Butterfly Pillow and Composite Pillow, which is the most popular Gel pillow in the market. Now, we can produce more than 140,000pcs of products per day.

In the past 6 years, we have provided high quality TPE pillow designing and manufacturing service, that help our distributors building their own retail brand and win a great success.

Now our agents are distributed in several countries, such as China, Canada,Mexico,South Korea, Japan, Singapore, etc. We are looking for agents around world, contact us for a special offer for your project now.
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